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Freshmind Files vol.1




Kid Blitz

KiD BliTz is an innovative artist with a background in several genres and multiple mediums. He creates tracks with vapor trap production and Opera styled vocals making his music infectious and genreless. He is the God-son of Grammy award winning Living Colour Drummer Will Calhoun. The KiD in his name represents effortlessness and child-like freedom, while the word BliTz in name represents abrasive execution. He recently released a project called “Less $3it Mo’ Rich” in which he explains his life of minimalism. On this album he worked with Jao who produced the Brazilian hit record by MC Caverinha - Chama no Money REMIX feat. Tai Cheeba. Kid Blitz sold out his first show in Korea in early 2018 during his promotional tour performing songs off his critically acclaimed “Lunchbox Music” project.


Healthy Tsunami (HLTY)

Based in the Brooklyn area, working under the moniker “Healthy Tsunami”, or others know him as Turk. A self-taught film editor/DP born in New Jersey and raised in a small remote town in central Florida.

Before involving myself with video shoots and post production, Gaming and live streaming on Twitch was the outlet. I am always looking for the opportunity to work in a space among like minded creatives, especially those looking to explore storytelling of the black experience.

I feel that I am finally in my element. It’s been an honor to work on other film/fashion/music events such as Calvin Klein, Noisey, and VFILES.

I am of the belief that all is possible if you set a goal for yourself.


Pierre Fontaine

Pierre Fontaine is an multi-Instrumentalist artist and a producer. Who has worked with several artist in the United States as well overseas. Under the moniker of Ghostfingaz he has produced a multitude of records that have come out on the Freshmind Music Indie label. He has co-production credit on several critically acclaimed projects by Kid Blitz including “Lunchbox Music” and “Less Sh** Mo Rich”. He produced the bulk compilation album “Freshmind Files” as well as a slew of other Freshmind Music releases. He has collaborated the studio with Sony Brazil’s platinum artist Emmerson Nogueira. Pierre Fontaine’s music combines jazzy soulful soundscapes with trap flavored rhythms and textures. He pairs his unique style of production with detailed introspective and fun lyrics.



QuazztheKid is a saxophonist, producer and rapper originally from Oakland, CA. His music is influenced by jazz and trap beats.


Tr3 Dawg


$in supreme




Jessie The Kid